Hitting the (photo) studio

It’s been 8 years since the band got some studio shots. Since then the line up has changed, our look has evolved and, unfortunately, hair has become scarcer on certain heads. This week the band headed to a studio just outside of Maidstone. Currently in the edit room, keep an eye out on social media and this website for the new shots.

Ditching the fez

Since 2013 we’ve been known as Moroccan Mole but for ’22 something new! Gone is the obscure reference to a 70s cartoon character sidekick with the fez to match (look up Secret Squirrel if you don’t know what I’m on about). Moroccan Mole are now simply “The Moles“. It’s what most of you called us anyway, so we just went with it!

And this is not just a name change. We’ve got a new look, new website, new merch, and new songs added to our set list.

Now, just got to remind those venues to not advertise us under the old name when we’ve got a gig coming up…

2022 gig list announced

We are pleased to announce our current gig list for the coming year. Check out the gigs page on the site for details. Hopefully it’ll be a year free of cancellations due to COVID or guitarists chopping off the ends of their fingers, and we’ll get to play them all!

The band are doing a few less gigs in 2022 than previous years but we’ve worked hard to spread the love and ensure we get to see as many of you lovely lot across the county as we can. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for promo leading up to the gigs and we look forward to rocking with you.