Introducing our new guitarist

We’re delighted to introduce our new guitarist – Al Cork! Kent gig-goers will know Al, either with a guitar or bass in hand, from bands such as The Crossfire, The Konks, KB with Kelly Bourne, Nashville Exile, The Mashup and many more.

“It’s great to be asked to join The Moles. I love the music and the band has so much talent. Mr. Sequins is a tough act to follow but I’ll be giving it my best!”

Alan Cork

Come check him out, and the rest of the band, at our upcoming gigs. Please join us in welcoming Al to The Moles.

In the Chair: Banksy

Time now to get to know the man behind the keys…

What do you bring to the band?

I’m the only one who understands the tech so as well as playing keys you’ll also see me dabbling at being a sound engineer, lighting engineer, videographer and web designer. Who says blokes can’t multi-task?

What’s your worst gig experience?

I used to be in a show band up in the Midlands which involved dressing up (I was Adam Ant). Part of the act was for me to come out and parade in my costume. Long story short, I ended up flat on my face on the stage after tripping over my knee-high boots, much to the delight of the audience and fellow bandmates. Thankfully no dressing up or walk-ons required for The Moles!

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in our set, and why?

Under Pressure is my favourite – think we do a pretty good job of it and gives me a chance to be Bowie!

What’s your favourite artist / band?

Being a piano player, Ben Folds Five were a big inspiration back in the 90s. Right now I’m really into Sam Fender. Wasn’t alive when many of the tracks we play were first released, which I like to remind some of the other more “seasoned” members of the band.

What drink should you get me at a gig if you are feeling generous?

I’m driving, so give my pint to Carl – he’s unlikely to turn you down.

Outside of the band, how else do you spend your time?

Still playing football, until my body gives out on me (which won’t be long). Otherwise running around after the kids.

In the Chair: John

Time now to talk to guitarist John in the next of our “getting to know the band” series…

What do you bring to the band?

Well, I’m the only one who remembers the songs we play when they were first hits so I bring wisdom, experience and maturity. OK then, old age!

What’s your worst gig experience?

Hmm, there are quite a few I must confess. I much prefer to forget them. One particular cringing horror which lurks in the back of memory was when I was the guitar player in the Brothers Grimm. Rather too much fizzy drink before a gig at the Less Cliff Hall had me running around like a headless chicken. My shoe getting tangled in a cable had me launched into a backwards somersault before a full house. It makes me feel nauseous thinking about it. There is a TV appearance I’m none too proud of but since it’s on YouTube I’m not telling you what it is. Next question please.

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in our set, and why?

We’ve recently introduced Sledgehammer into the set which, on a good night, really grooves. So probably that one. But I look forward to most of the songs actually.

What’s your favourite artist / band?

Far too many to list here. I generally lean to the left field artists like Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Peter Gabriel. But I like a good pop song too – those guys from Abba sure had the hang of it. And Lennon and McCartney obviously.

What drink should you get me at a gig if you are feeling generous?

Unless you want to see me embarrass myself, do not buy me a drink at a gig!

Outside of the band, how else do you spend your time?

Practicing guitar in a vain attempt to make it play the right notes or trying to write the perfect pop song, another vain pursuit. Other than that, trying to keep my head together.

In the Chair: Craig

Next up in our “getting to know the band” series is the guy with the sticks, Craig…

What do you bring to the band?

I’m the drummer and I bring enthusiasm and a steady groove combined with attention to detail!

What’s your worst gig experience?

Too many good and bad gigs to mention but I dislike playing venues where the patrons are not into music and would rather be playing pool or bingo!!

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in our set, and why?

Dreadlock Holiday! Love the space and overall groove.

What’s your favourite artist / band?

Level 42!! Hands up, I love the funky side of the 80’s.

What drink should you get me at a gig if you are feeling generous?

Beer – pale ale please (or a speyside malt whisky to take away!!)

Outside of the band, how else do you spend your time?

I’m a chipola cock double for Peter Andre. Naaah – I play various instruments so I love writing and recording my own material in the home studio.

In the Chair: Carl

Introducing our “In The Chair” series, where we sit down with a member of band and find out what makes them tick. First up our front man, Carl.

What do you bring to the band?

Ugh, difficult question when I like to be modest and a closet introvert. Ironically, I’m the “front man”. I jump around and try to shout in key with a certain level of charm and charisma. If you’re up for a good time, I’ll give you a great time (insert smiley face here).

What’s your worst or most embarrassing gig?

Worst.. I guess just when people aren’t interested. Rather watch football or something. Might as well not be there. I did a solo freebie the other day for a retirement home. Half were asleep, the others, just annoyed I was playing over the top of Dickinson’s real deal. Most embarrassing, I fell backwards over a monitor at Faversham hop festival and if there wasn’t any support bars I would have rolled right back off the stage haha. Funny more than embarrassing. 

Hasn’t happened yet but I dread doing a gig with a cold and getting a snot bubble randomly appear and latch on to the mic and me forming a limp goo bridge. .. sexy.

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in the set?

I quite like the Queen ones. Just feels good to be able to pull one off, plus they’re quite dramatic and theatrical to play to. Channel a bit of Freddie and Bowie. 

Who are your favourite artists or the ones that have influenced you most?

U2, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley… Man there’s loads but they definitely made an impact on how I approach performing, writing and playing music.

What drink should you I get you at a gig if I’m feeling generous?

Any lager really I guess. I’m grateful either way. Can be a bit difficult to finish off a set if you can’t wet your whistle so I muchos appreciado x

Outside of the band, how do you spend your time?

If I’m not complaining about how much I hate being at work I’m usually looking after my awesome daughter. Don’t really have much time for anything else. Have been meaning to get back to writing again, just for funsies. I do like to keep busy musically so have my fingers in many musical pies. I have found, for me personally, the best aid for anxiety and depression is just to keep the brain busy. If I’ve time to sit and think, the mind starts to wonder.

Hitting the (photo) studio

It’s been 8 years since the band got some studio shots. Since then the line up has changed, our look has evolved and, unfortunately, hair has become scarcer on certain heads. This week the band headed to a studio just outside of Maidstone. Currently in the edit room, keep an eye out on social media and this website for the new shots.

Ditching the fez

Since 2013 we’ve been known as Moroccan Mole but for ’22 something new! Gone is the obscure reference to a 70s cartoon character sidekick with the fez to match (look up Secret Squirrel if you don’t know what I’m on about). Moroccan Mole are now simply “The Moles“. It’s what most of you called us anyway, so we just went with it!

And this is not just a name change. We’ve got a new look, new website, new merch, and new songs added to our set list.

Now, just got to remind those venues to not advertise us under the old name when we’ve got a gig coming up…

2022 gig list announced

We are pleased to announce our current gig list for the coming year. Check out the gigs page on the site for details. Hopefully it’ll be a year free of cancellations due to COVID or guitarists chopping off the ends of their fingers, and we’ll get to play them all!

The band are doing a few less gigs in 2022 than previous years but we’ve worked hard to spread the love and ensure we get to see as many of you lovely lot across the county as we can. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for promo leading up to the gigs and we look forward to rocking with you.