In the Chair: John

Time now to talk to guitarist John in the next of our “getting to know the band” series…

What do you bring to the band?

Well, I’m the only one who remembers the songs we play when they were first hits so I bring wisdom, experience and maturity. OK then, old age!

What’s your worst gig experience?

Hmm, there are quite a few I must confess. I much prefer to forget them. One particular cringing horror which lurks in the back of memory was when I was the guitar player in the Brothers Grimm. Rather too much fizzy drink before a gig at the Less Cliff Hall had me running around like a headless chicken. My shoe getting tangled in a cable had me launched into a backwards somersault before a full house. It makes me feel nauseous thinking about it. There is a TV appearance I’m none too proud of but since it’s on YouTube I’m not telling you what it is. Next question please.

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in our set, and why?

We’ve recently introduced Sledgehammer into the set which, on a good night, really grooves. So probably that one. But I look forward to most of the songs actually.

What’s your favourite artist / band?

Far too many to list here. I generally lean to the left field artists like Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Peter Gabriel. But I like a good pop song too – those guys from Abba sure had the hang of it. And Lennon and McCartney obviously.

What drink should you get me at a gig if you are feeling generous?

Unless you want to see me embarrass myself, do not buy me a drink at a gig!

Outside of the band, how else do you spend your time?

Practicing guitar in a vain attempt to make it play the right notes or trying to write the perfect pop song, another vain pursuit. Other than that, trying to keep my head together.


  1. Love watching the moles. I was an acquaintance of Alan so been following you on local gigs. Would be handy to gave a gig list and are you still at the market on Sunday 4th


    • Thanks Steve. Yes the gig list is on this site – just head up to the main menu and you can get to it from there. We are doing the Market for Hop Festival yes – 5pm start.


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