In the Chair: Craig

Next up in our “getting to know the band” series is the guy with the sticks, Craig…

What do you bring to the band?

I’m the drummer and I bring enthusiasm and a steady groove combined with attention to detail!

What’s your worst gig experience?

Too many good and bad gigs to mention but I dislike playing venues where the patrons are not into music and would rather be playing pool or bingo!!

What’s the song you look forward to playing most in our set, and why?

Dreadlock Holiday! Love the space and overall groove.

What’s your favourite artist / band?

Level 42!! Hands up, I love the funky side of the 80’s.

What drink should you get me at a gig if you are feeling generous?

Beer – pale ale please (or a speyside malt whisky to take away!!)

Outside of the band, how else do you spend your time?

I’m a chipola cock double for Peter Andre. Naaah – I play various instruments so I love writing and recording my own material in the home studio.

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